Grassroots Asia offers support to individuals and organizations in Asia which address child welfare, basic care and emergency relief. Special consideration is given to projects which are self-sustaining, aid the most vulnerable, and offer creative solutions to those in need. Care, compassion, and hard work in the spirit of selfless service must be demonstrated by all applicants who receive funding.

    To identify partner organizations in Asia and assess programs, staff makes regular visits to established and new projects. The organization consults regularly with project leaders and knowledgeable sources in Asia and the United States. 100% of all donations are applied to project funds selected by the donor. Administrative costs are provided for by specific grant requests.

    Grassroots Asia strongly supports the concepts of self-governance, self-empowerment, and self-sufficiency in an environment of respect, love, and individual human rights. Grassroots Asia does not advocate any one religious belief and feels that individuals have the right to determine their own spiritual path.

100% of Donations Go Directly to Projects (No Administration Fees)
Emergency Relief, Basic Care and Education
Innovative Solutions to Poverty
Higher Social Return on Investments
Self Empowerment