Ruchika Shraddha Bhawan

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Sub-project: Ruchika Shraddha Bhawan

In Bhubaneswar, India

Currently 20 women and children, some with babies, are residents at the Ruchika Shraddha Bhawan, a rescue home and creche for destitute women and children. This rescue home is unique, providing a nursery that allows mothers to keep infant children and allowing longer term stays to those who require it. Many of these women have come from abusive environments, are abandoned or left destitute by unforeseen circumstances. The home provides food, shelter, clothing, music and dance classes, educational and vocational training opportunities, counseling, repatriation assistance, basic medical needs and a loving and safe environment for the women who reside there. Several of the women are enrolled in home nursing and tailoring courses or are placed in good jobs. Women must be re-building their lives in a constructive manner in order to stay at the Shraddha Bhawan, where self-sufficiency and making a contribution is emphasized.