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Sub-project: Helpline

In Bhubaneswar, India

Helpline began as a joint partnership between the State of Orissa Women and Child Development and Ruchika Social Services. In 2005, when it was in danger of being cut due to a shortage of funds, Grassroots Asia partnered with the State to insure the continuation of Helpline. Helpline provides an emergency hotline for women in distress, offering emergency response 24/7. Many of the women who work at Helpline receives an average of 500 calls per week. All women and children who require medical services, shelter, food or counseling are given access to this free of charge. For those women who need housing and additional care, Ruchika's Shraddha Bhaban was developed to give them shelter and many free services. (See Ruchika Shraddha Bhaban)