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Sub-project: ASHRA

In Bhubaneswar, India

More than one hundred mentally ill, destitute women reside at ASHRA's resident home in Bhubaneswar, India where they receive medical care, vocational training, counseling and housing. Many have been abused, have been rescued from being trafficked or were abondoned. ASHRA has been in the forefront of progressive mental health care. Grassroots Asia began funding a paper-making vocational training unit for the women in 2004. The women have not only made this a big success, but have expanded the program to include note cards that exhibit their own artwork, chalk making and bamboo house products. They have become a shining example of what a little help can do. The building of the vocational training unit at ASHRA paved the way for the State of Orissa Women & Child Development to purchase products from the women, insuring product sales. Several women have developed bank accounts and are saving for a new life.