Emergency Relief

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Project: Emergency Relief
Grassroots Asia's current emergency relief efforts include:

India and Indonesia

Tsunami in S. India and Indonesia  : The results of the tsunami that swept SE Asia December 26, 2004 was horrific for those effected. Grassroots Asia responded to the state of Tamil Nadu in S. India on 1/2/05 with supplies for victims in five fishing villages and one agricultural community. Over 700 families were provided with stoves, toiletries, clothes, tents and food. Medical supplies and water purification tablets were also provided to remote areas of Indonesia in a cooperative effort between Grassroots Asia and the Indian Navy. Grassroots Asia re-visited the villages in July 2005 and found that sufficient aid had reached the villages and that development efforts were underway. No more tsunami relief is currently taking place.

Distribution of warm blankets for the homeless  : in northern regions of India. Distribution usually occurs in the month of January. Blankets cost an average of 140 rps. Each (about $3.) and provide warmth for several weeks of unbearable damp cold.

Helpline  : Helpline is a joint partnership between the State of Orissa Women and Child Development and Grassroots Asia. It provides an emergency hotline for women and children in distress offering emergency response to those on the street 24/7. Many of the women and children who work at Helpline were once in the same situation. Helpline receives an average of 500 calls per week. All women and children who require medical services, shelter, food or counseling are given access to this free of charge.

Victims of Flooding in Orissa  : Grassroots Asia supplies food, temporary shelters, blankets and medical care to those in need during periods of flooding in the monsoon season.

Distribution of Vitamins for Malnutrition  : Grassroots Asia has a multi-vitamin and pre-natel vitamin program for the distribution of nutrition to those in need. Orissa has a serious problem with medical care and malnutrition in particular and we find ample opportunity to be of help. We started the program by simply buying vitamins and distributing them and found so much need we approached Vitamin Angels for help. They have been very supportive and have offered pre-natal vitamins for distribution. We distribute through multiple outlets in Orissa and W. Bengal. We even provide free pre-natal vitamins at our commercial outlets for the women in the slum areas, where malnutrition rates are extremely high.