Grassroots Asia Priorities | Child Welfare, Emergency Relief, Education

Grassroots Asia’s Priorities

Funding priorities and our beneficiaries:

  • Enhancing child welfare and protection including progressive elimination of child sexual abuse, child trafficking and child labor.

  • Offering street children and destitute children access to better care and living conditions, where they are loved, respected and given access to quality education, social skills and vocational training. Projects which empower youth to express themselves and be involved are a priority.

  • Upliftment of young women who have been marginalized.

  • Emergency relief efforts during natural disasters for those left completely destitute and homeless.

  • Reducing Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Ratio through appropriate interventions in family planning, health, nutrition, safe water and sanitation.

  • Reducing child malnutrition and incidence of low birth weight for proper early childhood development.

  • Access to education.

  • Exploring social business models that combine vocational training with small business opportunity for the poor.

  • Aiding other vulnerable segments of society (i.e. elderly and handicapped)

Program Priorities & Approach:

  • High social return on investment

  • Self-sufficiency, self-expression and self-development

  • Quality management in well-structured programs

  • Beneficiaries involvement in decisions and planning

  • Promoting selfless service to humanity and social service

  • Organic, grassroots development

  • Balancing emergency aid with long term solutions

Most importantly, our priority is to offer loving care and practical aid to those in serious need of a helping hand.