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100% of the funds you contribute go directly to project expenses. (Grassroots Asia directors and staff are volunteer)

Payments: Recurring monthly donations will be used for the most urgent requirements each month, or you may choose a one time only donation to a fund of your choice.

Recurring monthly payments (Pay Pal Only)   

Please consider the option of Recurring monthly donations to Grassroots Asia. All donors will receive monthly updates via our e-news letter on the ground

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Street Children/Child Trafficking Fund

Provides food, clothing, shelter and education to homeless children.

Resident Homes and Schools Fund

Provides homes and education for impoverished children.

Emergency Relief Fund

Provide emergency sheltor, food and clothing for refugees, displaced people during natural disasters.

Medical & Dental Services Fund

Medical Aid, clinics and mobile medical and dental units.

Sponsor a Cow in India

Provides valuable nourishment and income. Purchase a whole cow for $170 (or any amount to share a cow).

W.I.S.H.– Women’s Independent Self-Help Network

Offers Scholarships, Residency Programs, Women Self Education, Vocational Training, Social Service and Networking Opportunities

No preference/Use where needed

Place my support wherever there is the most need. These funds may be allocated to administrative costs.